Ethical charter (moral contract)


We invite practitioners and schools to sign the ethical charter of the Association for the professional recognition of an ethical and multidisciplinary mediumship in the form of a moral contract to be signed and returned to us together with the membership form at the Association, indicating the disciplines you practice or teach (go to page CONTACT & JOIN US). 

Here are the elements that we believe are fundamental in the practice or the teaching of mediumship: 

The medium / school commits to:

1. Respect professional secrecy

2. Respect everyone's values without making personal judgments

3. Respect each other's beliefs without attempting a conversion

4. Have correct prices and do not push for consumption

5. Announce and clearly display the rates before any appointment

6. Practice advertising in line with the services offered

7. State the terms of a mediumship or a healing session before starting a session

8. Recognise one's limits and if necessary refer the client to another practitioner

9. Be aware of the influence exerted on his/her client

10. Remain sincere and respectful towards his/her client.

11. Allow yourself to refuse a consultation to a person in a state of mental weakness

12. Make sure the client leaves the session in an emotionally stable state

13. Cancel a session if the emotional, physical or mental state of the medium requires it

14. Do not substitute for a doctor or influence the client to stop treatment

15. Support the decision-making power of the client and respect his/her free will

16. Not to discriminate, exercise power or harass any person of any kind

17. Do not exert pressure of any kind on the client

18. As a trainer or trainer in mediumship, a minimum of 3 years of practice must have been carried out in order to have sufficient hindsight and teaching skills as well as facts and experiences on which to rely.

19. The medium must have done personal development work to be able to practice mediumship within the framework of the Association.

20. The Association is in partnership with health professionals to whom the medium can direct his/her client if necessary.

21. The medium is invited to participate in activities organised within the framework of the Association in order to open up to other practices.