The Association Goals

The mission of the Association for the Professional Recognition of Ethical and Multidisciplinary Mediumship is to establish an ethical framework in order to protect clients and professionals with the aim of significantly reducing any abuse relating to the practice of mediumship.

As mediumship professionals play a fundamental role in supporting people in the process of grieving, the Association works to have mediumship recognised as a therapeutic profession that must be practiced with the highest ethical standards.

The Association seeks to create partnerships on the international scene.

The Association :

  • is a non-profit and works to be juridically recognised of public utility 
  • ensures an ethical framework in the activities in the field of mediumship, and works to protect the profession, and make it recognised as a therapy.
  • advocates a multidisciplinary approach and aims at informing, reassuring and shedding light for the large audience on the various fields of mediumship. 
  • strongly encourages the acquisition of a solid experience in the practice of mediumship before teaching it.

In order to vouch for their seriousness, anyone wishing to become a teacher have the possibility to be evaluated by the Association and to practice under its aegis.

Contact mediums, psychic mediums, art mediums, healing mediums and others who wish so are free to be registered in the Directory of the Association (see "Directory of certified practitioners") which role is to guarantee of their ethical commitment. 

If you practice mediumship or if you represent a school of mediumship, Médiumnité-é would be pleased to have you listed as an ethical practitioner or as an ethical school or service provider:

  • by signing in the ethical charter or "moral contract" 
  • by paying an annual fee

The Association retains the right to control the quality of the services offered. We kindly  thank the mediums or the schools for informing us by email when adding or modifying the services offered.

The Association aims at the following :

  • Guarantee at best of the seriousness of the practitioners in contact mediumship, psychic mediumship, healing, art and transe mediumship, as well as research in those fields. 
  • Propose activities and research related to mediumship
  • Develop and allowing an access to the knowledge of this art
  • Inform the large audience on the mediumship practices
  • Associate health professionals and mediums
  • Give a voice to the people wanting to share their experiences
  • Activate the recognition of mediumship as an alternative therapy
  • Create a directory of mediums and schools of this discipline, recognised by the Association

Ressources : 

The financial resources in order ro pursue our mission are constituted of: 

  • annual fees from members and schools
  • occasional fundraising from events and activities
  • grants
  • grants from the service agreement convention
  • donations and legacies of all kinds
  • income related to advertising on the Association's website